Bill Davis passes away on July 22nd, by Roger Harman

From The University City Review:

BIll Davis died July 22 peacefully in his house on 49th Street, at the age of 89. Bill was known by most people around here as the owner of "Davis Pharmacy" in the 4500 block of Baltimore Avenue which his parents owned before him, starting about 1910. For many years, BIll lived above the pharmacy and anyone over the age of 40 will probably remember Bill at the pharmacy.

Bill was a very curious person, an observant Jew, involved in neighborhood associations, an avid gardener, loved to travel, went to Philadelphia College of Pharmacy in the 1940's and also served 2 years in the US Army in Texas. In the late 1940's -early 1950's- Bill was also an amateur pilot who owned his own single-engine plane, and he would tell stories of flying to Baltimore just to pick up some crabmeat! As a gardener, Bill was a member of the Hostas' Society, Greenhouse Association, Horticultural Society; and Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

Bill was very involved in neighborhood issues, and was the treasurer of the short-lived Squirrel Hill Neighborhood Association (which briefly split off from Cedar Park Neighbors Association)>

Bill also loved dogs and had one or more for most of his adult life. Later he became a member of the Chester Avenue Dog Park.

My memories of BIll began with my visits to Davis Pharmacy... I was always impressed by how "adjustable" the Pharmacy was to the changing times. For example, Bill put in a whole section of video tapes for rental when they were very popular, and then, as times changed, the video section disappeared also! I understand that in the 1920's, during Prohibition, it was still possible to get a prescription for booze, and Bill's parents set up a whole liquor store at the pharmacy (just to fill those needed prescriptions!).

Bill loved to travel and in his lifetime went almost all over the world on various trips, including Russia, India, Japan, and the South Pole!

Bill also loved to go out and -for quite a few years- he could be found around 11pm at some of the local drinking establishments. 

Bill also loved to go to the theater and there was a strong group of friends who would go to shows at the Walnut and many other places, often heading to Chinatown on Saturday nights after a show.

We got to know Bill very well largely through the Chester Avenue Dog Park. We have adopted his dog "Leila" into our household and every time I see Leila, I think of Bill!