Thank you for checking us out!

Although we are currently at our maximum capacity, the membership is very dynamic and spots open regularly.

To apply to the waiting list, EMAIL US FIRST. You will be asked to provide a complete packet with the following:

  1. Member application.
  2. Park waver.
  3. A Philadelphia City Dog License (not the receipt).
  4. A rabies certificate.
  5. A check for $115 for the year, ($65 for membership, $50 refundable key deposit). Applications accepted between January and March pay $50 membership; April to June pay $35; July to September pay $20; plus the key deposit.
    Please note, there will be a returned check fee of $15.

After the packet has been reviewed, we will contact you to setup an interview. Meanwhile, please read this document on dog park safety.

Thank you for applying. See you soon!