fulfill your volunteer hours

below is a list of ways to complete your volunteer hours
Keep track of your hours BY COMPLETING THIS DOCUMENT

YOU CAN also download a list of volunteer activities here

- Attend Membership Meetings

- Participate in Park Clean -Ups at the Park throughout the year. 

- Sign up to take your dog on visits to the residents at Renaissance. Email PJ Sedgwick         
   at pjsedgwick@gmail.com to learn how to get started. 
   All hours completed at the Renaissance will count as double the amount of hours.
   For example: If you visit Residents at the Renaissance with your dog for 1 hour it will
   count as 2 hours.

- Participate in Howl-een, Santa Paws, Spring Fling and the Dog Show at the Renaissance.
   All hours completed at the Renaissance will count as double the amount of hours. For       
   example: If you attend an Dog Park hosted event at the Renaissance for 1 hour it will
   count as 2 hours.

- Purchase a gift for a Resident at the Renaissance during the Holiday time in December.
   If you purchase 1 Resident's gift you can count it as 2 hours towards your volunteer time.
   If you purchase 2 Residents' gifts it can count as 4 hours towards your volunteer time. The
   maximum you can claim for volunteer hours for this activity is 4 hours.

- Help to take holiday photographs of members and their dogs at the park.

- Put together holiday cards with member photographs for the Residents at the Renaissance

- Search for and pick up poop
  You can only claim a maximum of 4 hours for picking up poop.

- Participate in interviews of potential new members

- Collect up balls/toys and put them in their bins

- Pick up trash from around the outside perimeter of the park

- Take trash to the curb when cans are half full and put new contractor bags in cans

- Bring plastic bags to restock poop bag cans

- Refill water cooler

- Empty the pools at the end of the day

- Pick big rocks and bricks out of the ground to prevent tripping hazards

-  Assist in the renewals process in September

- Take home the recycling