Feedback Survey is Open

The board of CADA is due to meet this Saturday, June 20th at 11:00 am. The board is seeking your feedback through a quick survey. Please direct other feedback directly to the board. While the survey is still ongoing, the board has already addressed some practical issues:

  1. The board's email address is and you will see the address, along with our Facebook and Website information on the footer of the park's emails.

  2. Currently on the Board: Brent, President; Marcie, Secretary; Vince, Treasurer; Fred, no official post but principal liaison with Renaissance; Clara, no official post.

  3. Documents, including the bylaws, are on PDF form on the website.

  4. Clara and Fred are working on an improved process for interviews and will send out the finalized version after June 20th. Email the board if you have experience with this process and/or you'd like to share your knowledge.